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Level 1 Spiritual Development Class

Level 1 Spiritual Development Class 
(Fall Semester) 
Tuesday, September 9th - December 16th 
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm 
Fee: $25.00 Weekly 

Welcome to the Spring session for spiritual and psychic development. You will learn to practice and exercise your psychic senses for better spiritual communication. As you develop these skills it will benefit you personally and professionally.

Some of the areas we will be learning and experiencing are as follows:

Healing, energy healing, vibrational levels, communication with spirit, definitions in metaphysicis, psychic senses and how each one works, auras and how they work with each of us and when we do readings, chakras and the opening and closing of these energy centers, psychic and spiritual readings, practicing psychic and spiritual readings, exercises of the psychic centers, shedding of your emotional layers bringing you closer to your soul, working in different modalities exercising your psychic senses, mediumship readings via led meditations and practice demonstrations in class.

Regular attendance is important for building your energy as well as the group energy for all of us to learn and grow.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Nini at (732)439.2078 or

Looking forward to seeing with you.


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