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One Day Mediumship Intensive

One Day Mediumship Intensive

One Day Mediumship Intensive

Welcome to my 1 day Intensive Mediumship Development 101. You will learn to practice and exercise your natural Mediumship skills for better self awareness of your higher self as well as spiritual communication. This class has been designed for those who are curious and just starting on their path in Spiritual Development and for the seasoned reader who have taken a brake and want to warm up your skills, this class can also serve you. 

At The Enlightenment Center we come together in a safe space for our personal and collective development.  In doing so, we have a shared intention to expand our heart lights, awareness of self and the world around as we work towards bridging the gap from the physical realm and the Spirit realm in a loving and compassionate way. 

Some of the areas we will be learning and experiencing are as follows:

Metaphysical definitions

Vibration Levels, 

Your Chakras

Protect & Intention

Exercising your Psychic/Mediumship Senses

Spirit Guide(s)

Intro to Mediumship and how to deliver a clear and accurate message. 

For some added fun, you will be working with some Psychometry.  I ask that you please bring some pictures of loved ones in spirit and a piece of jewelry or something small that is special to you that has only ever belonged to you. 

This is an interactive workshop for both beginners and those that have stepped away from the work and would like to polish up their skills.  .

Workshop $103.00 (This includes Paypal fee)

When: Sunday, December 4th 

Where:  Lambertville Office

The Soul's Nest

26 Bridge Street                                                                                                                               3rd Floor                                                                                                                           Lambertville, NJ

(732) 439-2078

Time:   10:30AM – 2:30PM