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Exploring The Divine Feminine

Exploring the Divine Feminine Within All Spiritual (or Faith) Traditions

 Goddess Circle

Instructor: Rev. Inahlai Khensu, BA MSC

Come join us for this introductory session to our upcoming Goddess Circle beginning in June 2014.  “A Return to the Mother” is the journey that we are taking and consciously living in Her grace is our ultimate destination.

This transformational healing/empowerment circle is for women who want to explore, experience, and practice Goddess Spirituality as a means to deepen their own spiritual practice. It is a healing space that praises the Goddess in all of her love, grace, wisdom, beauty, and powerWe are using this opportunity to resurrect the Goddess; to be a catalyst for healing and empowerment, adding to the shift in women’s consciousness all over the world.

Investment for your EMPOWERMENT is only: $31.17 (including Paypal fee)