Evolving the Soul Tour With Nini Grace

March 12, 2016

Th Art of Healing

44 Main Street

Chester, NJ 


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A Night of Trance Angelic Communication


While in a trance mediumship state Nini Grace will work with our Angelic Realm in delivering their most informative and loving messages.

This is not a session for those who are expecting 1 on 1 readings from loved their loved ones. The information given will be direct messages regarding the philosophies of the world around us and beyond to their side of the veil. 

There will be opportunities for questions as well.

Should you have any questions regarding this gallery please contact The Enlightenment Center at (732)439-2078.

Fee: $45 cash or $46.61 if paid by Paypal

Later Event: March 22
Luncheon Gallery with Nini Grace