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Nini Grace is a soul healer, who utilizes all of her life and educational experience as an ordained minister, international medium, spiritual life coach and healer as well as teacher of spirituality to help bring balance and harmony to her clients and the world around her.  Nini was acknowledged for “Your Big Beautiful Life” by Oprah Winfrey and OLAY at The Life You Want Tour in Newark, NJ in front of an audience of 17,000 attendees.  

Nini has been a Spiritual Guest Adviser on The Jenny McCarthy Show on SiriusXM. Also heard on SiriusXM’S Urbans View - The Karen Hunter Show and The Clay Cane Show. Currently, Nini is the Host of her own TV Show “Hey Nini!” a live interactive healing experience where she helps & teaches others how to live their fullest life from the inside out. In addition to Connecting with others and their loved ones who’ve transitioned. Broadcasting live with chat and call-in capabilites on Tuesdays 8:00 pm est. on Vibe2Vibe.TV - UNTV (currently on Season ll). Also available on Roku TV and soon MIMS Motors.

Nini Grace has dedicated her life to cultivating and strengthening her intuitive abilities to gain insight into the afterlife. The core of Nini’s practice is helping others through her spiritual talents. Her ability to address her clients’ most delicate concerns with sensitivity and compassion has brought peace and comfort to many, while simultaneously utilizing these abilities in teaching and supporting her students with their personal spiritual growth…mind, body and soul.  

Nini has studied art at The Newark School of Fine & Industrial Arts, The Fashion Institute of Technology and Brooks College.  She worked in the world of fashion and has practiced in the legal field, thereby offering a well-rounded soul with a warm combination of artistic enthusiasm, practical guidance and invigorating energy.

Nini sends monthly healing to any and all in need.  To be on the list, or to add a loved one to the list, email info@ninigrace.com and put "Healing Prayer" in the subject line.

LOVE is an ENERGY. An energy that connects us to our original truth, our godliness. Therefore, it can not be destroyed. Regardless of our deepest and darkest thoughts or actions, love lives within ALL of us. Yes even those ppl some believe to be a dark or low vibration human.

They too have love within. Love still exist in their being- 
Now one may choose to deny the God source within them but God does not deny them. Rather, our creator patiently awaits their return to love. Either in this life or the next hundred. We all return to love at some point in our souls evolution.

Love is a inner force within each of us that can changed but can not be destroyed.

I pray you choose love in any and all capacity.

Nini, xo

*Please note this has no religious undertones. I use the term God for an understanding of our Creator, whatever you choose to believe*


Much love,

Nini Grace