Private Mentoring with Nini Grace

Hello Kindhearts,

Thank you for your interest in private mentoring with me.  In the weeks to come we will be working on your customized mentoring program according to your needs.  I am soulfully committed to taking this transformational journey with you.

Who choses to do Private Mentoring?  All kinds of people like yourself.  Those that have suffered great loss in their lives and are seeking to release in a spiritual environment and gain a different perspective on the Soul.  This program is perfect for those that have always had an interest in spirituality and would like to explore their natural abilities in a private setting or do not have flexible schedule to commit to a regimented weekly development circle.  And if you are finally coming out of the spiritual closet and want to launch your new career in a SOULfilling way, private mentoring can also be the way to go! 

While everyone’s mentoring program is different in design, there is one thing all my students have in common:

  • You will be given assignments to be completed prior to our next session.

  • In a private setting your course is custom designed for you meeting you where you are in your development and spiritual practice.

  • You will be challenged to step outside of your comfort zone, and you will amaze yourself with just how far you will go.

The student will be given the option of either 8 or 12 – 1 hour 1:1 Skype/Facetime or in-person sessions monthly.  If you are local and can attend your 1:1 in-person sessions, they take place at Nini’s office located in Bradley Beach, NJ. In addition to your 1:1 meetings with Nini, you will be given a one 30 minute monthly call to discuss any questions you may have, if need be. 

Once you’ve completed your committed mentoring, you will be awarded a certificate for your Private Mentoring upon completing your 8 or 12 -week course and assignments.

To discuss how to get started, please contact Nini at either 732-439-2078 or via email at 

Thank you and I look forward to taking this journey of a lifetime with you.

Always Love,

Nini Grace, xo

Mentoring Options: For Payments please contact our office at