We are saddened to share that our beloved Sarah has transition but we will forever honor her spirit.  Sarah's passion and dedication for the human spirit will forever be remembered.  For all that knew her, personally and professionally felt her genuine love not just for her work but for life, as well.  You are forever with us sweet friend.  May you forever know peace.   
All our love, Nini Grace & The Girls

CASAC-T, Director Telephone Recovery Support, CCAR-OASAS
Certified Recovery and Life Coach /Trainer
OD and Suicide Prevention Certified
Chairperson Peer Recovery Coach Network
Mental Health First Aid Certified

Published Author: "Going Live"

Sarah Schmitt, In addition to being a published author, Sarah has been working with the recovery community as the Director of the Telephone Recovery Support line which offers a free alternative to mutual aid groups, i.e., AA, NA, etc. The goal in sight for this company is to make sure that those in recovery don't slip through the cracks because they either cannot afford healthcare or just have a true fear of socializing. The purpose of this project is to allow someone the opportunity to speak with a certified Recovery Coach, a class which Sarah also trains. 

The personal aspects of life have offered Sarah the ability to truly empathize with and reach out to clients on an intimate level. The job as a Recovery Coach is to meet someone where they are at in their recovery and help them celebrate any sized victory as an enormous one. Self-disclosure on the part of the coach is acceptable in this position. It is Sarah‚ who's responsibility to make sure that the volunteers on the support line are well trained but most of all, remember that they are also human and have been given the beautiful gift of helping someone based solely on their experience. While education can push you forward in an administrative field, life experience is what Sarah has attributed to her success and passion for her field.

Donna Mae DePola and Dona Pagan, the owners of The Resource Training Center and Sarah's employers have been largely instrumental in Sarah's growth and confidence in this field. Recovery really means all aspects of healing and has broadened the scope significantly from just substance abuse. Sarah has been a true advocate for those who are suffering and finds it to be her life's mission to help those who are crying out.

Sarah is also a Certified Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counselor which is a completely different hat from that of a Recovery Coach. It deals solely with substance abuse addiction in a clinical fashion. Sarah is trained in and utilizes, amongst other things, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as well as Motivational Speaking. She facilitates group as well as one on one sessions that will allow and encourage the person in recovery to get to the core of any issue theylike to work on.

Sarah is also the Chairperson for the Peer Recovery Coach Network which consists of a group of Recovery Coaches who come together to discuss ideas on how to act as a liaison between those in recoveree to those who are not. It is our mission to educate those who are not in recovery about the disease of addiction.

Sarah managed a private investigative company and has worked in various investigative positions throughout the years. She feels that it has given her a better understanding of what makes people tick. She feels as though life experience has given her the ability to empathize on a level that is so needed in the health and wellness field and that coming into this position has given her the blessed opportunity to reach out to those who are truly in need. A dream come true. When asked how she felt about her job, her reply was, feel like I am being paid to breathe. It's naturally what I do. I wouldn't want to attempt to live without either.