Lauren M:  Every so often in life one meets a person whose spirit, essence and being have such a profound impact that it goes beyond the few hours or minutes spent together.  It's as if they've shared a piece of their soul to accompany you throughout your life's journey.

Nini Grace is one of those people in my life.  I had the pleasure of taking a two day workshop with her, and she is nothing short of amazing.  The first thing I noticed was the inner beauty, care and kindness that she exudes.  As the workshop progressed, both her psychic and mediumship abilities continued to leave me in awe.  Nini was able to effortlessly zone in on each person's true needs and to help guide us on our paths to healing by unraveling the pain, changing some self-sabotaging perspectives and realizing our own divine qualities all in an effort to move forward in the future.

Rachel R.:  Nini, thanks for you insights.  The session gave me what I needed which was to be grounded and to know the best course of action for me for the next 6 months or so.  Circumstances in my life were making me feel chaotic and frantic and now I feel calm about what to expect and clear about what I need to do for my highest good.  It was a pleasure meeting you, and I would definitely refer my friends and family to you.

Jamie:  The definition of awakening is: a recognition, realization, or coming into awareness of something.  This defines my experiences with Nini.  Each and every time I receive a reading from Nini, I not only feel enlightened, but I feel awakened.  I am always left in awe of her beautiful gift and ability to not only guide me in the direction I need to be following but allowing me to be redirected in my thoughts enabling me to feel a sense of inner peace and tranquility.  Whether I am with Nini physically or mentally she is a constant positive force in my life.

KDR:  Nini, I just wanted to reach out to you to thank you for the guidance and service you provided me during this most difficult time of my life.  My family was devastated after the sudden loss of my step-father.  I have to admit, I was skeptical prior to reaching out to you.  However, you were undoubtedly able to connect with him and helped us locate some very sentimental articles that we had been looking for.  Not only did you give us reassurance that he is in a great place, but you also gave us the strength and encouragement to find happiness again.  In a way, you brought life back to each of us.  Words cannot express what this experience has meant to me and my family. Thank you!

LE (Cherry Hill, NJ):  My Akashic Records session with Lauren LeClair was informative, educational, uplifting, validating, and life affirming.  I was at a place in my life where I was questioning some of the choices I had made and experiencing some doubts about how to proceed into the future.  I wasn’t sure if I needed to make course corrections or not.  When Lauren told me that she was able to tune into and read Akashic Records, I thought it might prove to be insightful.  Although it may appear that I have made some unconventional choices in my life, as a result of the Akashic Records session I feel confident that I am in alignment with my highest good and greatest joy.  I feel secure that the choices I am making now are right for me.  It has renewed my faith in myself and my intuition.  When doubts come up, I can look to my session with Lauren and remind myself that I am right on course and proceed confidently with joy.

RP (Dayton, NJ):  Nini Grace has completely mesmerized me.  When in trance, she has channeled angels.  Watching her surrender to spirit and watching these entities beautifully deliver information she had no way of knowing made me say hmmm.... You will be awe-inspired.

In reference to Nini’s development classes and workshops:

LK (Manville, NJ):  This will be an opportunity for those who know they have "something" (intuition) and want to learn more about their gifts and themselves.  Nini is a fantastic teacher.  She approaches her students with patience, kindness, and compassion.  Her workshops are very informative but there is humor and fun mixed in.  It is a great opportunity to spend the day with like-minded people.  So if you feel pulled to work with spirit but do not know where to start, if you have questions about the afterlife that need answering, this is perfect place to put your toe in the water and try it out!